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Maintenance of office furniture


Office furniture belongs to public goods, office furniture maintenance work appears particularly important.

If you want office furniture to last longer, it needs to be maintained regularly.Prevent dirt, maintain moist,

prevent damp and avoid the intense irradiation of sunshine these are the main content that office furnitur maintains.

Fenghe-Office Workstation-maintenance Of Office Furniture

General high-grade office furniture has exquisite carve patterns or designs on woodwork log is decorated, such as the maintenance of office furniture not 

regularly clean ash, the carve patterns or designs on woodwork decoration not only lost elegant adornment effect, accumulation of dust will also affect 

the office furniture is beautiful.Office furniture maintenance will be dust removal this step good, can effectively prevent office furniture "getting old".

Office furniture should be used to avoid scratches on hard objects.Hard tools, or collisions can damage office furniture.Of course, the maintenance of 

office furniture in shenzhen cannot make the surface of office furniture scratch.What should I do if I accidentally get a scratch?Use wax strips that are close

 to the surface color of office furniture to repair the scratches.

Office furniture maintains a skill the first point is to avoid when using frequently move, tear open outfit.This can greatly reduce the damage of office furniture

and effectively extend the service life of office yellowed office furniture maintenance how to do.First of all, use egg white repeatedly to clean, 

believe it will give off the past shining.

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