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Office cupboard

At Fenghe, we know that it's important to keep your workplace tidy and clutter free. That is why we use our wisdom to create storing spaces that is for documental sizes. And sometime some company wants to present their products , so cabinets with clear views are strongly needed. How to create a clear views cabinet? Firstly, you can choose a double sides cabinet; Secondly no block designs are your very creative choices. When it comes to items for different sizes, we can surely provide adjustable laminate layers to make the layers sizes smaller or larger. All of our office storage cupboards provide you with plenty of space to organise and store all of your office supplies. Our range includes office cabinets ideal for storing files of paperwork and keeping spare stationery within easy reach. We offer utility cupboards too. These are perfect for the safe keeping of dangerous cleaning products and hazardous chemicals. 

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