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Office screen


Office screen is called movable screen door, movable partition door, track screen door.Screen door has easy installation, 

reusable, industrial production, fire prevention, environmental protection and other characteristics.

Office screen furniture is applied in open office area basically, the function that screen is direct is delimited a space,

and the screen of medium height is not complete only, opposite delimited a space.Screen the main significance of 

the open space is in does not affect the communication, if work creates a relatively independent private space,

reduce the mutual interference, improve the efficiency of the office, convenient for management, communication and

cooperation to create the conditions for the team.

Fenghe-Conference Tables-office Screen

The relation between the height of screen and its space of separation: relatively high screen is used to separate relatively large space, relatively 

low screen is used to separate relatively small space;A small workspace with relatively high screens can feel oppressive.

Screen color in the choice of warm and cold and space sense of the relationship. Cool tonal space sense is better, let a person feel the remaining 

space is bigger;Warm colors are the opposite. It can be seen from this, the application of cold color is wider, and warm color is unfavorable to be 

used in per capita space is smaller, relatively compact working space.Neutral tones are the most widely used, and the advantage is that they 

work well everywhere.Different colors represent different emotional appeals.

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