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The placement of office furniture


1.Practical principles

Whether office, conference room, coffee, we want to put in the inside of office desks and chairs, leisure sofa, tea table, tank, etc., 

should be from a practical perspective, combined with various aspects carries on the reasonable design.

2. Comfort principle

Whether the office is comfortable can affect the working efficiency of office personnel directly, 

the furniture of the office should be put from recreational Angle, cannot let a person feel too depressive

Fenghe-Modern Office Desk-the Placement Of Office Furniture

3.Ecological principles

Office furniture must be healthy environmental protection, office furniture material need use environmental protection plate,greatly reduced the human body damage 

caused by formaldehyde,When putting furniture, do not put the desk by the window to avoid direct sunlight

4.Cultural principle

An office is a team. A team should have its own spirit and culture.So no matter be put in furniture, still be colorific combination, should reflect oneself the individual 

character of this team, have oneself distinct characteristic.Let others step into this office to be impressed!

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