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What is the most appropriate height for office furniture?


Now workers prone to all kinds of occupational disease, in general, about 8 hours in work time, maintain a pose for long,

vulnerable to a variety of occupational disease, body so good desk and chair of choose and buy must first design accord 

with human body mechanics, sit comfortably, the second is to height is adjustable, to adapt to the different height of the crowd,the main is to improve office efficiency.

Fenghe-Office Desk Furniture-what Is The Most Appropriate Height For Office

The public office area is the place where employees work. The office furniture mainly includes desk and office chair. The correct height of the desk and 

chair should enable people to keep two "basic vertical" when sitting. But when the arms are naturally sagging, the upper arms are basically 

perpendicular to the lower arms. Only when these two "basic vertical" positions are met can correct posture and office posture be ensured.

General computer desk chair height can be adjusted, best right table and chair height should be able to make people remain the two basic vertical when 

sitting, one is when two feet flat on the ground, thighs and legs to the basic vertical, then under the front seat along not to thigh planar formation of oppression.

Second, when the two arms naturally droop, the upper arm and the forearm are basically vertical, and the height of the table should be just in contact with the 

lower plane of the forearm.This allows you to maintain the correct posture and writing posture.If the height of desks and chairs is not well matched, it will directly

affect people's sitting posture, which is bad for users' health.For this reason, the space height under desk top is not less than 580mm, the space width is not less than 520mm.

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